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The Stonebridge Story

We are a small family run farm consisting of pigs, sheep, cattle & poultry.  Alongside the farm, we also run a small farm shop, promoting our produce “from our farm to your fork”.

We started with 1 breeding sow back in 2017, and our business has grown from there.  Our delicious rare breed pork comes from our herd of Oxford Sandy & Black pigs, fed on a unique diet, which gives the pork its great taste.

We sell our meat via our farm shop, local farm shops, restaurants & a local charcuterie firm.

Get in touch via this website, Facebook or Instagram if you would like to know more about what we do.

Christmas at Stonebridge

Christmas at Stonebridge

One of the highlights of Christmas is always the grub!! We would to play our part to make your Christmas dinner memorable

What makes us different​

A family-run business

We are the only employees in this small family run business.  We have our three great enthusiasts helping out the odd time.


Robbie runs the day to day working of the farm, alongside his wife Louise.  They have three young farm hands, Angus, Connie & James, to muck in and help out with the animals.


We also have Rolo, our brown Labrador, playing his part.  We all love life on the farm.


Born and reared in the rolling hills of Derryboy, County Down. Robbie worked on the family farm all his life. He balances his time between the role as a firefighter and his passion for the countryside and farming.

His wife Louise, originally from Hillsborough, has now also caught the bug of country living. She is more than happy to put her wellies on when required to help out.

family-run farm

From Birth to Bacon

Choose your pig

Choose what breed of pig you wish to buy and choose a pig. We send you a monthly update on your pig, and you are welcome at Stonebridge Cottage to visit it.

Leave the rest to us

Don’t worry about the feeding of your pig on a cold winter’s morning. We have that covered. Plus no surprise vet's bills as we take care of the pig's welfare throughout.

We deliver. You enjoy.

When the time comes we will prepare and deliver your pork to you. If interested please click on teh link below to find out more about our Birth to Bacon scheme.

If interested please feel free to give us a call and we will explain fully how the scheme works.
The price for a fully butchered pig £350 and half pig is £180.

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