At Stonebridge we currently run a number of free range pigs; the two breeds we have are pedigree Oxford Sandy & Blacks and Duroc.

Our piggies are mostly run free range, in marsh land behind the cottage. Sometimes during extreme winter weather, and farrowing ,some of the pigs are brought indoors.

They are free to roam in their own paddocks, just as this sociable animal is meant to.

Our pigs receive a 5 star diet. Apart from green pastures, our pigs are feed on spent grain from local breweries. We are also fortunate to work with a local cheese maker in which we receive the bi product “whey” from the cheese making process. They are also fed raw vegetables that are locally sourced. We feel this unique diet can only benefit our natural tasting pork.

We also have pigs for sale throughout the year from adults down to 8 week old weaners.

Stonebridge pigs
Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs

Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs

The breed is noted for its many qualities particularly its excellent temperament and mothering abilities ,Generally prolific, the Oxford will function well under most systems, and produces meat of very high quality and flavour.


They Finish quicker than many traditional breeds, and is less inclined to run to fat.


There can be no more visually attractive breed than the Oxford ,with its good nature and ease of management making it a great favourite with all who have ever kept these pigs.

Duroc Pigs

The Duroc is an old breed of domestic pig originating in the US. The Duroc tenacity in looking after its young combined with its docility between times makes it an ideal candidate for an outdoor pig ,either as a dam or sire line, as its succulence and heavy muscling makes it very suitable from anything from light pork to heavy pig production.


The Durocs’ thick auburn winter coat and hard skin allows them to survive the cold and wet of the harsh winter.

Duroc Pigs