Our Pedigree Kerryhill  and Dorset flocks were established in 2019 and consist of 50 ewes. 

For many years we bred and keep pedigree  Suffolk sheep in which we had great success in the show ring and at Autumn ram sales.

But in 2019 we dispersed our flock  changing to our current flocks of Kerryhills and Dorsets.


We choose Dorsets for their prolific breeding characteristics as they can breed through out the year. They are also a very docile breed and very easy to manage. At Stonebridge our Dorset  lambing season commences in autumn while our pedigree Kerryhills traditionally lamb in spring .


Our Kerryhill flock is growing steady, these flashy looking sheep originate from Wales and have a distinctive and unique coloration ,with a white face bearing black markings around the mouth ears and eyes.


With lambing in both the autumn and spring this ensures we have fresh grass fed lamb available through out the year in our farm shop. Our ewes and lambs enjoy  grazing  on the Co Down drumlins beside our cottage.